Egg Kothu Parotta Recipe

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Egg kothu parotta is one of my favourite dish. Being from Thoothukudi, I like parottas. After coming here to US missed those tasty parottas. Yet managed to adopt a kind from frozen parottas i.e. Egg Kothu Parotta


Muskmelon/ Cantaloupe/ kharbuja/ Kirni Pazham Juice Recipe

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Musk melon is best for hot summer. I made this while it is hot here in Houston. Since it is rich in water content, this is very good for our health. It’s easy to make musk melon juice by just adding water and sugar. Let’s see some of the benefits.

Pavakkai poriyal/ Bitter gourd fry

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Pavakkai Poriyal is one of the medicinal vegetables. As all of us know, bitter gourd is used by diabetic patients. Also it is widely used by us "Sounth Indians". Though it tastes bitter, bittergourd is not avoided in our regular diet rather it is in our regular routine. Let us see some of the Health benefits of Bitter gourd.


Sambar Recipe

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Sambar is my favourite vegeterian curry. Sambar is a very healthy dish as it combines the veggies with dal, which is rich in protein. Taste the dish with pavakkai poriyal or with vendakkai poriyal.
Today I made sambar with pavakkai poriyal.


Chicken Curry Recipe

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Chicken curry, chicken fry.... Chicken is great for health despite of the method it is cooked. Chicken is a good source of Protein. And I think Chicken has more recipes than mutton or beef. This is the first recipe I learnt when I started to cook because I like chicken very much and found it to be very easy recipe to cook.


Nancy's Cookery
             Thank you Jesus for this blog. This is my first post on my blog. I'll share my cooking, my photography in this site and few of my Photoshop edited, created images. Soon I'll be posting some of South Indian recipes. Keep visiting. :)
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