Tomato Rice/ Thakkali sadham

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Tomato rice is an easy rice recipe with fewer ingredients and great in taste. It is a famous south Indian recipe. We can prepare it in different ways. I used tomato and very few spices as main ingredients. This gives a nice mild and good taste. The spices won’t be dominating in this method though it tastes similar to biryani.


Mor Kuzhambu recipe

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Mor kuzhambu is the mild healthy vegetarian curry. Adding pumpkin/squash removes the bitterness from curd. I used ash gourd in this recipe. It's watery content absorbs the sourness in the curd. I prepared this for my hubby's lunch box. He gave good comments.Smiley


Easy Tasty Mutton/ Goat Fry

Nancy's Cookery

Mutton Fry is the easy, simple and tasty side dish. The only thing is you have to cook the goat pieces before frying. We can fry without cooking also beforehand. But I find this 'frying after cooking is delicious' and you can fry in whatever method you like, after it is cooked.


Bread Upma Recipe

Nancy's Cookery

Bread Upma is the easiest snack or breakfast we can prepare. Kids will love it. It can be prepared using any kind of bread. It may be Wheat Bread, white bread or Whole Grain Bread. By this way we can use the excess of breads in home. Adding lemon in the recipe gives a nice mild tangy taste. It is a healthy easy Recipe.


Lemon Rice Recipe

Nancy's Cookery

Lemon Rice is the easiest recipe that I do whenever I am lazy to cook. Lemon rice is popular in South India. When I was a kid my mom will pack this for lunch occasionally whenever we go outing (to spend the day) to nearby places, wrapped in banana leaves with coconut chutney/thohail as side dish. That’s a perfect combination…

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