Mutton Gravy with Cashew and Peanut / Mutton gravy Indian

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Mutton Gravy with Cashew and Peanut
Mutton Gravy with Cashew and Peanut / Mutton gravy Indian - How to cook Mutton gravy Indian style


Mutton Liver gravy / Goat liver gravy

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Mutton Liver gravy / Goat liver gravy Liver of goat made with onion, tomato, spices and coconut to enhance its flavor .


Poori Masala - Potato masala for Poori

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poori masala
Poori masala - It is a Potato masala cooked with precooked and crushed potatoes, onions and dals. A perfect side dish for poori in South India.


Ven pongal

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ven pongal
Ven Pongal Recipe - A famous South Indian Vegetarian Recipe. Ven Pongal is easy to make. It is cooked with rice, dal and seasoned with some spices.



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Salna - Made with roasted and blended spices and chicken. This is used as gravy for parottas. The best sides for parotta.



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Rasam - Tomato and tamarind soup
Rasam - Tomato and tamarind soup with spices and cilantro. This is delicious, mild and ready within few minutes.


Banana Walnut Bread

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Banana Walnut Bread
Banana Walnut Bread a delicious breakfast or dinner anyone can cook easily by following the recipe instructions. It has the healthy bananas and walnuts.


Ghee Rice

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Ghee Rice Recipe
Ghee rice recipe - made with ghee, flavorful spices and onion. This is a simple recipe, easy to make and yet delicious food. When you have less time to cook but need some flavorful food, you can try this ghee rice recipe.


Mint Pulao / Mint Rice

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Mint Pulao / Mint Rice Recipe
Mint Pulao / Mint Rice recipe - A flavorful rice dish made with mint, basmati rice and aromatic spices. This mint pulao/rice nearly tastes like biryani.



Classic Sugar Cookie with icing

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Classic Sugar Cookie with icing Recipe
Classic sugar cookie recipe - Sugar cookie, of course it has more sugar and sometime we can beak the diet have this delicious classic cookies.


Chilli Idli

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Chilli Idli Recipe
Chilli Idli recipe - Steam cooked rice cakes/Idli as we call it prepared with Indo- Chinese sauces for a perfect and quite different breakfast or dinner.


Apple sauce

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Apple sauce Recipe
Apple Sauce Recipe - this yummy and healthy apple sauce is easy to make. If you have more apples left in the house you can make Apple Halwa or Apple sauce.


Raspberry Scones

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Raspberry Scones Recipe
Raspberry scones recipe. Raspberry scones which is one of the baked raspberry delicacies.We(me & hubby) are a great fan of raspberry scones.


Fish curry

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Fish curry Recipe
Fish curry recipe - fish cooked thoroughly with coconut milk and Indian spices. I have used salmon in this recipe. You could use any fish of your choice.


Shrimp / prawn Curry - Indian style

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Shrimp / prawn Curry - Indian style Recipe
Shrimp/Prawn curry recipe is prepared with coconut milk and powdered spices.The shrimp /prawn cooked with coconut milk and spices tastes good.


Fried bananas with Honey and Ice cream

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Fried bananas with Honey and Ice cream Recipe

Fried bananas with honey and ice cream is an easy dessert which can be prepared within minutes if you have banana and ice cream in home.


Kohlrabi Kurma /Nookal Kurma

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Kohlrabi Kurma /Nookal Kurma Recipe
Kohlrabi / Nookal Kurma here is prepared in Indian style as kurma, the side for chappathi/naan/ any variety of Indian bread.

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