Bread Halwa / How to make bread halwa with sugar syrup

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Bread Halwa
Bread Halwa recipe .
Halwa is an Indian sweet which is a favorite of many. This bread halwa is made from bread and the recipe is very easy and absolutely yummylicious. You can make this halwa in very short time.

I came to know this bread halwa in my engagement function when they served it and then discovered that it is hubby's favorite. When I prepared this halwa first time I didn't had a chance to share it with you. But this time I've got the chance. So sharing this with you. Hubby tasted it and said that he wouldn't have have known this is made of bread unless I told him. He is a great fan of tirunelveli halwa and so is many of you especially those who are from south side Tirunelveli and thoothukudi. This halwa is easy unlike the halwa made from wheat milk.
So be sure to give it a try and amaze your loved ones and guests with this halwa.

I have also shared apple halwa recipe. Check out this link Apple Halwa Recipe for a healthy version fo halwa.

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