Peas Pulao

Peas pulao combines the healthy peas with rice. The recipe is so easy but it tastes delicious. Peas is good for health. This recipe saves time but also makes a good meal. It tastes good even though no other main ingredient is added. Peas have high level of anti-oxidants. It is rich in fiber and protein. Peas is very good for health.

So try to add peas to your diet with all other vegetables. I used frozen green peas in this recipe. I tried this recipe recently and I liked it very much. This goes well with korma, raita or any gravy.

Peas Pulao Recipe

Author: Nancy jayCuisine: IndianRecipe type: Main Course
Prep. Time: 5 minsCook Time: 30 minsTotal Time: 35 mins

Peas- 1 cup
Basmati Rice- 2 cup
Onion- 1/2 cup
Cinnamon- 1 or 2 inch stick
Cloves- 3 to 4
Cardamom- 4
Oil/ghee- 2tbsp.

  1. Heat oil in a pan and add spices. After the spices enlarges and sends aroma add onion.
  2. When onion becomes golden brown(but not burnt), add peas. Sauté for 2 to 3 minutes, then add rice, water and salt.
  3. Cook the rice for 3 whistles in pressure cooker. Fluff the rice and serve hot with raita or any desired gravy.
Using ghee instead of oil gives nice flavor to the rice.

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